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Areas Covered          Blairhall, Crombie, Crossford, Cairneyhill

​                                   ​Carnock, Dunfermline, Oakley, Torryburn

                                                   All other areas considered however additional fuel charges may apply.


​Dog Walking    (one-to-one)                                            £10.00 per hour

(Dogs from same household can be walked together or separately.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.)                                  


Puppy Visits                                                                      £10.00 for 2 visits per day

Cats & Small Animals Visits                                            £5.00 per visit

Vet and Groomer Trips                                                   Price on request

We all know things pop up at the last minute. How many times have you had to go to a function later or leave a function early ?

So the odd one off walk and visit, evenings and weekends can be arranged.

Initial Meet, Greet and an accompanied walk is free of charge.

Dog Walking

iWalkDogs can take your dog on your normal walk routes or on other walks as specified by you.  All walks will last for 1 hour unless shorter walks are requested.  Dogs will be returned, paws wiped clean and towel dried if necessary, Water bowls will be replenished. This service is ideal for people at work or who are just away for the day.

​All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations.

Bitches on heat and non neutered males will be walked individually. (To prevent what comes naturally)

Puppy Visits.  

I can call in twice a day to check on your loved one(s). Every visit will last for 30 minutes so that a toilet break can be taken along with plenty of playtime and cuddles.  The all inevitable mishaps will also be cleaned up for you. Water bowls will be replenished.

Services - Please call or e-mail to discuss your specific requirements.

Cats and Small Animals

Are special and I understand just how much you want your pets to feel secure.  I can make daily visits to your home, so that your pets can stay comfy and secure in his or her own environment. Your pets will be fed, water bowls replenished, fussed over and bedding/litter trays cleaned by arrangement.  

I can also do other jobs to make sure your property looks lived in if you are away.